About Us

Meet The Team:

House/2home is the brainchild of Stacey Russell and Kyle Coetzee.

Stacey graduated from FEDISA with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2007. She continued her work in the fashion industry as a buyer and designer for major fashion houses until 2016 when she chose to pursue her passion for interior design. Her experience and travel in the fashion industry have afforded Stacey extensive exposure to international trends in both fashion and interior design, giving her a unique eye and perspective.

Kyle entered the construction industry in 2008 as a volunteer throughout South Africa. Since his introduction to construction, he has received extensive training in numerous trades, as well as project management, submission and running of municipal applications and drafting plans. Kyle approaches every project with care and precision, eager to apply his creative eye in reinventing spaces.

Together Kyle and Stacey apply their knowledge and skills to create beautiful space after beautiful space. Their projects have gained popularity on social media leading to many inquiries for custom-designed furniture, art and sanware. The House2home Shop has been a dream of both Kyle and Stacey and they are ecstatic to see it come to fruition. The House2home Shop brings custom designs to your door at affordable prices.

We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience.